Inspiration This Week: Bottle of Water Analogy

I saw this post on Facebook and I love the analogy! Please read below:

“I saw this analogy and it made so much sense, so I’m sharing it with you
A bottle of water at Costco is $0.25. 
The same bottle in the supermarket is worth about $0.50. 
The same bottle in a bar costs $2. 
In a good restaurant or hotel it can be worth up to $3. 
At an airport or on the plane, you may be charged $5. 
The bottle and the brand is the same, the only thing that changes is the place. Each place gives a different value to the same product. 
When you feel like you are worth nothing and everyone around you belittles you, change places, do not stay there. 
Have the courage to change places and go to a place where you are given the value you deserve. Surround yourself with people who really appreciate your worth. 
Don't settle for less.💕
Author Unknown

Theme of the Week: Be Mindful of Your Environment

I love that analogy above because it is so key in order to figure out how we best succeed in life. We are a product of our environment, it goes back to that age old debate of nature vs. nurture, well, it's both! How you are nurtured and raised plays such a huge role in our identity. 

We also have a tendency to place a little too much stock in what other people think. And instead of listening to our own voice, it gets clouded by the opinions of others. We are social beings, so this is a natural tendency that is hard to break.

But it leads us to placing our value in others' hands and not knowing how to trust our own voice. So if you're surrounding yourself with people that are telling you that you're not smart enough to make it through school, you run the risk of believing that and acting accordingly, thus confirming the statements. If you surround yourself with cheerleaders and people who know your worth, you may find yourself exceeding any goals you had for yourself because you had an army of support around you.

Challenge This Week: Evaluate Your Environment

Look around you. Who do you surround yourself with? Are the people you surround yourself with good cheerleaders and optimists? Or are they chipping away at your value with derogatory remarks? Are they filling you up and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself? Or are they secretly competing against you and rejoicing when they can say they got the better opportunity? Maybe 2022 is the year you re-evaluate your environment and take that leap of faith. Move to a new place. Let go of toxic relationships. Let yourself shine bright!

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