Fees and Insurance

Before I jump into the specifics, I wanted you to know why this is the most important and rewarding investment you are going to make. I get it, it's hard to justify that kind of money on ourselves. But I challenge you to take an honest look at the things you spend big money on, hoping for a quick fix that usually leads to disappointment:

-diet programs that have you punishing yourself

-eating out when you've had it with the diet

-shopping to buy things to make you feel happy

-gym memberships you don't feel motivated to get to

-gifts to make others like you

-stuff to keep up with the Jones's and fit in 

-the list goes on!

What I am offering is a life transformation. So while it may not be a quick fix, it will change your life for the better. I will help you love yourself and your life. Aren't YOU worth the investment?! 


So, what is the value in working with me?

-Easy and convenient scheduling online, for those tech savvy folks

-Availability for online sessions to meet you at your comfort level and make it convenient to your lifestyle 

-Active therapy sessions where you can take something away from each session, rather than a therapist that just sits back and says nothing

-Well-rounded coordination of care where I will be in contact with family members, other doctors, and any other providers as we feel may be beneficial to your treatment

-Individualized and collaborative treatment, meaning that I treat the person not the diagnosis and we partner together in developing goals for therapy 


My Rates:

Individual 50 minute session: $125

This rate is the same fee for an initial session, unlike what you may see with other therapists, because I don't like to over-complicate things. I accept the forms of payment listed below: 



-American Express

-Health Savings Card

Cancellation Policy:

Please make any cancellations or schedule changes more than 24 hours in advance. You will be charged the full fee if you do not show or cancel late. This is to respect the available slot that could have been used to help someone else.

Do You Take Insurance?

I am currently in-network with the insurance companies listed below:

United Healthcare

However, here is why you may consider self-pay instead:

-It allows me and you to have full clinical control over the length of treatment, content, and frequency of sessions. Insurance companies will dictate this otherwise and may not give us the flexibility to navigate treatment as we find best fitting. 

-You get to keep your information completely confidential. Insurance companies require diagnoses that will go on your permanent health record. With me, your information is secured and not on any public health records. And I don't believe in slapping a label on everyone. So sometimes a diagnosis just isn't necessary.

-I get to provide online therapy and meet your convenience needs. Most insurance companies will not cover teletherapy services. 

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