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You have everything going for you. You are the top performer at your work. You graduated with high honors and head of all the clubs. You keep a clean and tidy house. You make great money. You are a loyal friend and always available for others when they need you. You keep up a good exercise and diet routine and stay as healthy as you can. You strive to be the best person you can be.

mirror hate

Yet you look in the mirror and can't stand the person looking back at you. You don't understand how anyone could love you when you can't even love yourself. Who is that person?! Because they are nowhere near what you have pictured for yourself by now. You just wander through life, going through the motions and following trends, hoping to find someone or something to fill the void.

The answer is right inside you...YOU can fill that void! And I can help you get there. I will challenge you to build self-compassion and self-worth to battle against the perfectionism and low self-esteem. Together we will find ways to reconnect with your inner spirit and find what sparks a light in you.

Let me help you get started!

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