Inspiration This Week: Relationship Annoyances

You're cleaning up the mess on the counter because your boyfriend left everything out after making a sandwich. Or you're cleaning up all the garbage in your girlfriend's car because she lives out of her car. Your partner is constantly writing "too" when he should be writing "to" in texts. 

I get it, you are probably using some choice words as these things happen to describe your love and wondering why you stick around and why this person cannot just change this one thing. Or maybe you do move on and wonder why you're always chasing the next one. Where is the ONE?!

Theme This Week: Price of Admission


Dan Savage (American author, journalist, and LGBT activist) puts it in perfect terms in his response to one of his readers. The above video lays out the raw and gritty truth of being together with someone you love, someone who is right for you. 

He states that there is "no settling down without settling for." He talks about accepting your partner's flaws. He likens the ticks of our partner to the price of admission to ride that ride. 

For me, one of the prices of admission is bottle caps. My partner will leave bottle caps every where, including right next to but never in, the trash! Used to drive me insane and would start many arguments because of it. Now I accept it as one of his prices of admission, and let go of the pickiness and just pick up the bottle cap. Because as Dan says, picking up the bottle cap takes 1/10th of the time and frustration of yelling at my partner, and its worth it because I love him. 

This does not mean that you accept everything. You should have standards. But you can't go around like Seinfeld picking on every little quirk and considering it a deal breaker. Every person is flawed and no relationship is perfect. We have to be willing to find that person that we can set aside those quirks and love them for it.

Challenge This Week: Identify and Accept A Price of Admission

Turn to your partner and think about that one constant "nothing" argument that you get into...what is it about? Is it over some little quirk that they are just going to have a hard time changing? Is it as easy as "picking up the bottle caps" and letting it go as their price of admission? If so, do that. And then of course remind yourself of why it's worth it and why they are your person :).

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