Inspiration This Week: "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" by Adam Roa

Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to watch this spoken poem. So powerful...

Theme This Week: Challenging Our Worst Critic

YOU ARE ENOUGH. So many powerful statements in this poem but all so very true...

"Our capacity to love others is limited by the capacity to love yourself." We cannot give to others if we are not first taking care of ourselves. We cannot pour from an empty cup. And yet at the same time we are so harsh on ourselves. We are our own worst critic. You may not be conscious of it, but I bet there is a hum of judgments and criticisms going through your mind constantly. 

[Selling a Lie...you are not enough] Don't believe the hype...it's not true! Most retailers out there are banking on you needing to fill a void and they've got the magical solution. WRONG. I promise no car, weight loss, money, makeup, fame, or relationship is going to create the happiness you are looking for. You are the only one who can create that happiness for yourself by believing in your own worth.

"Filling up other people's cups constantly and treating ours so irresponsibly." We are all so good at this. If a loved one told you the terrible things you say subconsciously about yourself, you would jump to bat and convince them otherwise. But we need to do this for ourselves too! Adam Roa got it so right when he said to "treat yourself like someone you love." We need to stop letting that inner critic go unchallenged. We owe it to ourselves to talk to ourselves in the same manner we would to a loved one.

Challenge This Week: Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

It's time to first, raise the volume on those inner critic statements and then challenge them. Just like you would if someone you loved said something unkind about themselves. So take notice when your inner critic is speaking and don't let them win! Even the tiniest criticisms need to be checked. Doing this consistently will help to quiet that inner critic, boost your self-worth and confidence, and lead you to the happiness you are seeking!

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