Inspiration This Week: Too Much of a Climb

As the above image wonderfully portrays, there is a problem with making our steps too big. I love this image because it is a great visual to remind us to break up our steps into smaller steps. I hear goals such as I want to get a new job, I want to get out of debt, I want to lose 30lbs. These are all beautiful goals, I love the motivation! However, when we put it into too big of a chunk, or no steps at all, it can seem insurmountable. Just like the image displays, the person on the right is struggling to even reach that first step and therefore getting nowhere. It's easy to feel discouraged and like a failure when this happens. But don't worry, easy fix!

Theme This Week: Make The Steps Smaller

If you haven't heard of the concept of SMART goals, this would be a great start. Below is the acronym SMART that can help us to remember how to make our goals more achievable:

Specific- We want to make sure we have a focus and try not to generalize. For example: I want to get a job is too general. Let's change that to I want to get a financial advisor job.

Measurable- You need to make the goal measurable so that you can track progress and know when you've actually attained it. If you say I want to lose weight, what amount would constitute success? I want to lose 30lbs sounds more measurable.

Attainable- Do you have the resources and potential to achieve your goal? I want to pass my Psychology Exam sounds great, but what materials and resources are setting the pathway to success? I have the books and study cards ready to go and I know the study hours for the class are examples of making it attainable.

Realistic- We need to make sure we are doing something within our limits. If you are looking to lose weight, what is a reasonable and realistic amount to lose? Set out an exercise routine that is realistic to your lifestyle- going to the gym twice a week versus 3 hour workouts every night.

Timely- And of course, let's give ourselves some guidelines in order to keep the momentum going. I want to lose 30lbs in 6 months. 

Great job better defining your goal! But how do we keep that momentum going? By doing baby steps! So let's take the goal of 30lbs. If you just keep your eye on that 30lb mark, the 1lb loss can make that big goal seem so far away. So make smaller milestone achievements. If you celebrate the little victories along the way, you find the energy to keep moving. So if you celebrate every time you lose 5lbs, it may seem more attainable to reach that next 5lbs, and before you know it you're knocking 30lbs out of the park! 

Challenge This Week: Break Up Your Goals Into Smaller Steps

So let's take those big goals you have and break them up a bit. I am trying to pay off my car and I have a balloon image on my fridge that breaks up the entire loan amount into $100 increments. So I color in a balloon for every $100 I put towards the car. That big loan amount seems big, but those $100 contributions are achievable and easier to see regularly. So I give myself a pat on the back for every time I've made a dent in my big debt goal. Take whatever goal you are working on and break it up into much smaller bites. And make sure you give yourself a smile and a pat on the back for every mini milestone you hit!

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